Style File Exhibition August 08 2016


Style File Exhibition

Warehouse Gallery | 183 Lorraine Street #5 | Brooklyn, NY 11231

4 Creatives use different pages from the same book to express their own unique style. Check out the book Style File, available on Warehouse, by co-founder Lesley Ware. This is a fun exhibition for us as we are all friends who create in the same nook in Red Hook. Erika makes the cutest things and has been featured in West Elm. Crystal uses a lovely blend of whimsical and sturdy material that delights the eye. Ryan is a designer who has brought to life a stunning set of fashion zodiac signs, and Lesley jumps in the exhibition with a one-of-kind coloring project.

Erika Barratt
Crystal Gregory
Ryan Spence
Lesley Ware


Opening Reception

Wednesday August 10th 2016 | 7pm - 10pm 

Closing Reception

Wednesday October 12th 2016 | 7pm - 9pm

Music by DJ GoodWill


PS: Ryan Spence = @planetlucid