A Blackness Continuum May 10 2016

A Blackness Continuum by L. Kasimu Harris

Harris is exploring with the space time continuum,  space-time does not evolve, it simply exists, to examine police brutality against black men. Harris contends, through his video, that the time, nor, place or person matters, when it comes to the killing of black men. He uses trees as a portal to transport to these recurring events. Moreover, Harris starts this journey in 1955, the decade when recorded lynching began to taper off and the trees represent that history. But, now, the new lynchings are police killings and the advent of mobile recording devices has made the masses into an audience.   

Space-time does not evolve, it simply exists. When we examine a particular object from the standpoint of its space-time representation, every particle is located along its world-line. This is a spaghetti-like line that stretches from the past to the future showing the spatial location of the particle at every instant in time. This world-line exists as a complete object which may be sliced here and there so that you can see where the particle is located in space at a particular instant.

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Opening Exhibition | Friday May 13th 7-9pm